It has been said that "half bread is better than none".  This may hold true when you are very hungry or in a situation where that half-loaf, business or product is the only one available.  However,
Over the years, I have learned and am learning that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  This is a idiom of proverb that encapsulates the wisdom that life is better (and easier) if  we
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.  Just borrowed this from a friend's status on Facebook - Thanks
Small beginnings hold great potential. Value them and do not loose courage because the beginning seems to be small and insignificant.   
Just had a Kairos moment - one where I "found" or just saw something I was looking for yesterday.  It was sitting right there in front of me for hours - in plain view.  For some reason, I did not s
Freedom:  We all dream about it.  It has different faces and means different things to different people.  Even to the same person, freedom has multiple dimensions, touching differe
It’s the month June - and the month when “Father’s Day” is celebrated in many countries.  The words “Father”, “Dad” “Papa” and “Daddy” evoke and stir up many memories for me – as I am sure it does
If we are going to achieve our dreams, we will have to take a regular, critical look at how we spend our time.  This process will involve a prioritization of everything including leisure time.  To
Have you ever faced a huge task that seemed impossible or that would take forever to accomplish?
Too often, we tend to wish things were different  / we had better opportunities.  We wish we were born into a billionaire family, we wish that a sad, unfortunate experience did not happen, we wish
Did you know that the small decisions you make daily are powerful and life transforming?  Each day we make hundreds or thousands of small decisions about what to think about, do, eat etc.
Nutrition experts tell us that we must pay close attention to our diet, relative to our age, gender, activity etc.
Life demands more than half-hearted, occasional, "whenever-you-feel-like-it" effort.  Success and progress  require effort.  They demand focus and undivided attention. 
"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" - Just ran into this on a friend's email signature and it resonated with me.  As you bring sunshine to others your l
Here are a few tips from a fellow dreamer as you transition towards and work towards dream fulfillment:
As I walked into work on Friday last week, as I walked past a couple co-workers, I warmly greeted them.   One of them said to me: "Mr sunshine".   That warmed my heart and helped make my day.
Just ran into this motivational video - Message - life is a risk - Give it the best you have.  Don't stop when you fail - just learn from the failures and become better and stronger
Each day brings new strength grace and opportunities.  Its fresh like the new morning - brimming with potential.  A new opportunity to turn over to a new leaf, to become better, stronger, wiser.  I