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Posted by admin7 on October 29, 2015

Service and humility make you great.  Value is the capacity to serve.

Long ago, a young Chinese prince wanted to be a great and powerful ruler for his people. So he sought out the wisest man in all of China and asked him, "Old man, how do I become the most powerful ruler in the world?"

The wise man answered, "Young prince, what is the most powerful body of water in the world?" The young prince replied, "It is the ocean!"

"Correct," said the wise man! "Young prince, what flows to the ocean?" The young prince replied, "The rivers flow to the ocean!" And the wise man said, "Correct! Young prince, why do the rivers flow to the ocean?"

The young prince paused to answer; "Because the ocean is lower than the rivers."

The wise man whispered, "Correct! Young prince, if you would be as powerful as the ocean and have the people flowing to you like the rivers, you must be lower than people you serve!"


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