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Posted by admin7 on April 19, 2013

Imagine a very wet towel for a moment.  What happens to the water when you wring or squeeze this very wet towel?  On earth, for normal humans, gravity takes over and the water drips predictably to the ground.  We have seen this over and over again.  I just watched a video shared on YouTube where an astronaut on the space station demonstrates something different. On the space station – where gravity is suspended - the water does not fall to the ground. It sticks to his hand!

This amazed me and stirred up the child in me.  It set me thinking and I will be brooding on this for a few days, weeks – a long time.  It made me think - What if I lived in a world where a higher law took over?  What if things I have always believed to be true were no longer true or in effect?  How would my life change?  What would now be possible to me?  What if I believed that I could float?  What if I truly believed there were no limits and no excuses – not by background, experience or lack of it, not the city where I was born or the school / university I attended, not my family – I could go on and on – and I hope you get the picture.  What if I believed all things were possible?

We have been trained or have learned by experience to respect the laws of gravity.  Not just the laws of gravity – but also many other things because we have observed them to be so for years.  So now we, the majority of humans, live in a zone where we comply and accept the limiting “laws” – believing that it’s impossible to do X or become Y or it takes Z number of years to do T.

The video made me believe anew that there is a realm or a place where life is different. In preparation for their stay in Space, astronauts go through a period of zero gravity training.  So many people have experienced this realm on earth.

So the suspension of natural laws can happen today on earth.  With the right conditions, natural laws can be suspended. This happens every day – much more than we would realize. 

I am going to go out on a limb: So my two questions to you are these? 

1.        Are you going to do what it takes to learn how to suspend natural laws and live in a different realm?
2.       What do you need to do to transition to and live in this realm?


Keep the child in you alive!