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Posted by admin7 on August 11, 2011

Envious of people you know who always stay composed calm maintaining self esteem during incredibly trying times? Imagine yourself as bowling alley pins where everyone and everything around you may become bowling balls knocking down your self esteem. Don’t let these bowling balls get the best of you – knocking you down for good. Like the traditional bowling pin, you can get back up and hopefully avoid getting hit by those bowling balls again. Watch out! Here they come and hopefully you can handle:

Bowling Ball #1 – The Negative Work Place

You must become aware of the typical work place atmosphere that promotes a “killer takes all” attitude. Everyone will do anything to get ahead and succeed. This is where people never have their efforts appreciated despite sacrifices and efforts made. Most of the time a person’s good efforts are only rewarded by more work with no help. Try to avoid this situation. Yes, competition exists in all work environments, so be prepared to compete but only in a healthy work place.


Bowling Ball #2 – Avoid Bad Other People Behavior

Be on the lookout for patronizers, complainers, naggers, control freaks, snipers, backstabbers, whiners, gossip mongers, brown nosers and bull dozers…all these types will stop short of nothing to destroy your self esteem and any self-improvement scheme you attempt to execute.


Bowling Ball #3 – Change Is a Coming

You can’t continue to be a red bowling pin in a field of beige choices. Change will challenge any pattern we attempt to adopt because it wants to test our ability to be flexible and adapt. Yes, change does make living life difficult, especially when having met change successfully, and we begin to settle into an adopted routine only to once again be faced with change. I suspect it exists to allow human beings different ways to find improvement.


Bowling Ball #4 – Your Own Past Painful Experiences

Everyone yells some sort of “Ouch” when experiencing pain. The trick here is never allowing pain to transform itself to fear. Let a painful experience become a lesson learned that you carry forward and not a debilitating emotion that keeps you immobile cause if it shows again, it might be hurtful.


Bowling Ball #5 – Block Out World Negatives

Do not let any world negativity control your forward life movement. Part of the success building self-esteem is to make the best of bad situations that will be challenging but not overwhelming.


Bowling Ball # 6 – You are Your Own Product

Science points to the fact human beings are the end product of combined impact from inherited traits and environmental influences such as family upbringing, school, church and other social settings. You will own your own identity. Plus, despite the fact your great-grandfather was a notorious thief doesn’t mean you will end up behind bars. Do learn from the experience of others so you can possibly avoid the mistakes they made.

you hold the key to success - its in your hand

Bowling Ball # 7 – Becoming Positive is a Choice

Many people think that certain people are just born positive thinkers and leaders. This is false. I know that becoming a positive thinker is a choice. Building self-esteem and developing guidelines for constant self improvement is also a choice. It is not a built-in talent and no one has enacted it as a steadfast rule.


Do not wait for God to show up giving you permission to build your self esteem and improve your life.