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Posted by admin7 on May 23, 2012

If we are going to achieve our dreams, we will have to take a regular, critical look at how we spend our time.  This process will involve a prioritization of everything including leisure time.  To make progress with that business idea, online degree program, new book, charity work etc, you will have to reduce some of the good things that are currently consuming your time - so you can focus on the more excellent goal that will bring you fulfillment / move your dream forward. 

We all have 24 hours in a day and a portion of this is already committed to "day time jobs", immediate family interaction / relationships and sleep.  Here are a few suggestions that may help as you "redeem" your time.  Remember the goal is to use this redeemed time for focused development of your dream

Remember the goal is to use this redeemed time for focused development of your dream

1.  Review leisure time and reduce / eliminate Facebook / TV / News paper time etc - at least once a week or for a week. 

2.  Wake up 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier each day or once a week etc.  Or go to bed an hour later once a week etc.  For example - this post was written in its entirety at 6:00 am on a week day morning. 

3.  On a short term basis (for example a month) reduce time spent on phone calls and social activities

4.  Take a day off work

5.  Use a part of your lunch break, on some days.

6.  Got a commute to work / school / anywhere?  Use this to educate / improve yourself by listening to a podcast  / planning etc. 

7.  Ask a friend / family member to review your schedule and make suggestions on how to redeem time for your dream.  Note: not for the faint of heart - be prepared for some constructive criticism!

Key Lesson: Every 15 minutes counts and can help further progress. Don't despise small amounts of time.  Plan appropriately and make the best use of time.  Move forward inch by inch, if necessary.  Maintain momentum and soon you will be much close to your dream or achieve your dream!

Got other suggestions on ways to redeem time?  Would love to hear them...