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Posted by admin7 on January 18, 2013

It has been said that "half bread is better than none".  This may hold true when you are very hungry or in a situation where that half-loaf, business or product is the only one available.  However, in our increasingly competitive society, where competition and choices are the order of the day, a half-baked business or product will be passed over for a better or larger loaf of bread or better product so to speak.

It's no longer sufficient to simply put something together in a haphazard manner and hope that it will fly and be acceptable.  Mediocrity is out and excellence is in.  

If you have an idea, vision, business etc - it will be of little or no value if its is unfinished or not fully developed.  Ideas and businesses have to be nurtured and developed if they are to succeed.  This takes time, but is well worth it.

Roast, polish or perfect it.