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Posted by admin7 on April 18, 2012

Have you ever faced a huge task that seemed impossible or that would take forever to accomplish?   We have all been there at one point in time or the other.  Staring at a mountain or Jericho stone wall.

Over the past months, on and off, I have been working on 2 special projects.  These huge projects have taken a fair amount of time to organize and put the pieces.  In the past week, as I have dealt with one area, the words "Divide and Conquer" have come to mind frequently.  Here are the lessons I have learned or re-learned through these projects:

1.  No task is insurmountable - approach the task with this mindset.  Stay optimistic.

2.  Research and update your knowledgebase - be better prepared to handle the task

3.  Seek help.  Ask God and others to help you.

4.  Do a little every day.  Poco a poco, little by little   Keep chipping away

5.  Take a break every now and again - as necessary. 

6. Think about the project when you are relaxed.  I have found inspiration and new ideas this way.  Fresh approach...

6.  Return to the project and continue.  

7.  Rejoice and reward yourself on completion

Rome was not built in a day.   That said, it was built and completed - so I hope you will complete your Rome too!  Keep plugging away!

My 2 cents to encourage you in building your Rome!


... Oh - one of the projects will be unveiled / launch in the next month - so stay tuned...